The Tips On Spam Prevention

There are many people who get annoyed with those SPAM messages they get on their email. These are useless advertising emails which have only one main concern is to either scam the people or promote their products and services. If your email can be found all over the internet, you will always end up getting spam messages on your inbox. But everything that is not so good has a remedy.  All you need is some simple tactics which you can use just to minimize the spams you get every day, not totally stop.  In this blog are the few things you can do to remedy the situation.

  1. Choose not so standard email. Have you noticed that when you use a simple or standard email address such as, there are spammers who will send you emails every day. But if you change your setup such as adding some combination to your email, you can at least let them make it hard to find your email ID. You can learn more in this page.
  2. Exposed email address. You may not notice right away but your email ID has been exposed for a very long time on your inbox. You can turn it off. Spammers will be willing enough to send emails to all email ID that they can see hoping to achieve their goals.
  3. Don’t use your main email for any registration. You will eventually asking for spams in this way. Most especially those free websites which won’t keep your information private. Paid websites are more secured when it comes to keeping your information from the eyes of spammers.
  4. You can encrypt your email ID when you are using it on any internet activities and transactions. There are simple JavaScript forms which you can encode if you have a programming skill.

There are more ways in which you can hide your email ID on spammers and protect your private information. In this post you must learn a lot.

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