Steps in Using Securitas ePay

The Securitas epay is an online payroll system that every company can use for the betterment of the process. There are many benefits using this website such as faster payroll process and no more need printing pay stubs to be distributed to employees. You can also access information about payroll anytime and anywhere. Here are the ways on how to use the system for those who want to avail it:Payday

To start with, you will want the following things:

  1. You also have a computer together with an internet access. The computer is required to be attached to the intranet of the business. The computer at your job can do the trick.
  2. If you are among the many payroll officers within the company, you should have the connection to the data files of staff.
  3. When you are a regular staff, you may upgrade your info utilizing the TALX paperless pay system. You must be on the payroll of your boss. In case you are only a short term, you may not be fit to apply the online

The second is how to utilize the system:

  1. Go to the company’s TALX sub site with the intranet or here at
  2. Simply key your own private staff user ID and password.
  3. Should you are into the page, search out the Main Menu tab. There you must decide on the pay Stub Review on the sub-menu. You will find in this page the past up to present payslips you might have in the firm.
  4. If you desire to make changes in your amount payable or maybe the deposit accounts, it is important to choose the Direct Deposit Maintenance on the Main Menu.
  5. You will find also a sub-menu for W-4 Update. All employees have their private connection with this This is certainly to help them to provide the name, address as well as the private data for the tax information.
  6. Should you wish to see the reports about your reports, commissions, schedules along with other more, you can actually go to the eReports located also within the Main Menu.

There are many payroll services providers you can find but this one is the best for your company.

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