How to Handle Your Hatred?

It is not avoidable when we meet someone whom will hate us or we will hate. As the saying goes “We cannot please everybody”. But when we are overwhelmed by our hatred it does not mean that we should always fight for that person. There are things that we can do to stand that person and live peacefully together. This is very important for those who do not have the choice but to interact with that person always.  How to make the worst situation into a better one? Here are some things you can do:

  1. If you are really force into seeing that person every day, especially he or she is your coworker, you can make things better on the office. Your work will not only revolve around that person and you have your other office mates whom you can talk to. But in case the situation dictates that you should interact with him or her, no matter how unprofessional he or she is towards you, be always civil towards your attitude.
  2.  When he or she is on the rage of talking to you, do not fire back with the same attitude. Compose yourself and let him or her finish his or her tantrums. Just listen and look into the eyes. Do not butt in at first and pause for a couple of minutes after he or she is finish. If he or she is already infuriated with your not talking attitude just suddenly butt in and call her or his name many times plus your wise piece of advice.
  3. Ask him or her what was the thing that made him or her hate you. You do not have to undergo a sincere and heart to heart talk. Just know her or his reason and same goes to you.


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