5 Steps to Create Password with Linksys Modem Router

Unauthorized access on internet connection is very common today. There are people who steal information from others. This is through hacking the network system of one’s home or office. That is why having a password to your router is one of the preventive measures you can do. Creating a password on your Linksys router is simple. All you need is to follow the five steps below:imagw

  • You should make sure your router is on and also you have to go to in your own web browser on your desktop or laptop. Be sure it is linked to your router with maybe wired or wireless.
  • Just pass on the username blank and then provide within the password area “admin. Select “OK” button so you would be navigated to the router’s web installation page. Once you can never login using the default password given and never recognize the personalized one, it is advisable to reboot your router.
  •  At the page, just hit the “Administration” button. At that time hit “Management” tab which is certainly located on the left portion of menu region.
  • You will currently produce the password with your router. Definitely fill in the password in the “Router Password” area and after that re-enter it for validation on the field available. Be sure that you remember the password you have keyed in. You can reset all over again the router which enables you to connect to the installation page and back to beginning of this situation.
  • Basically select the “Save Settings” to ensure that your password could be stored. It will be saved right away and then you do not need to restart your router. You may instantly login within your new password so that you can proceed with your connection within your network.

You have to protect your Linksys router now to avoid being hacked in the future.

Get Your W-2 Early at ADP iPay

ADP is the company who will offer you the solution of your payroll problems. They have a software which will handle the payroll process in the most convenient way you can think. It is called ADP iPay. Employees can check their income online, view ADP portal statements and even update their W-2 form. They can also request from the system.

Here’s how to get your W-2 form earlier from ADP?

  • You need to notify initially your employer which you will need for your W-2 in advance and get your employee ID number. It’s recommended to tell your boss as at the beginning of October or November.
  • Check out ADP iPay web page and next login using your account. In case it’s your first time, you have to press the “Register Now’ in the page. Simply input the primary details essential at registration just like your employee ID, tax year, SSS number and zip code.
  • You may now ask for your digital type of your W-2 form. The site needs to have you to set up basic info such as your Social Security number and your company name. You may now print your form after getting it.
  • You can easily phone ADP and schedule the request promptly. You can obtain the contact number on their website.

The way to See your W-2 Form On the webimage

  • Basically sign in at the account you’ve got set up in ADP. Click the link which states you will notice your W-2 form. Just refer to the instructions presented to the page.
  • You can now review your W-2 online. You can even print it as many copies you prefer when tax return needs it.

Do you want to view your ADP portal statements? Sign in to your account now.