Registration Steps of Gmail

Since year 2007, has been popular free webmail service to all users of internet all over the world. It might even now serving millions of people using this service not only for their personal uses but as well in business and academics. There are many features that Google offers which makes this service useful to business and academics. Below are the steps on how to make your own Gmail account.

  1. Just get through the on Google mail’s homepage and type in the URL,
  2. In the event you’re on the web page, try to look for the “Create an account” web link and click on it. It really is found on the right side of this web content.
  3.  Then you should be navigated on the registration site. Generally there you can expect to fill in the First Name, Last Name and your chosen email address. You can examine perhaps the email ID is actually available or not. Make sure that it will be unique among others.
  4. Then you are going to build and fill out the password. It must contain at the very least eight letters. You can actually mix together text letters and numbers to produce a safeguarded password that will be safe from cyberpunks. Check the stability of your password to make sure that it can be safeguarded.
  5.  Pick out your security question. This information is very important if you forgot your password and can restore it. Google asks the question and you need to resolve it. So, choose a question that one could quickly can recall the answer.
  6. Pick out your location and type the verification code found on the registration page. Do not forget to read the Terms and conditions by Google and in case you agree check “I accept”.

The registration process is very easy and will not take most of your time. Sign up for your own account in Gmail email.

The Goals of Phoenix University for You

Planning to find a suitable institution that offers online degree? You can find a lot of universities now that is going online and offering online classes. There is wide range of courses that an individual can take just like going to a regular school. You can them all in University of Phoenix. It is one of the institutions that are going online now that offers an eCampus program. It is there program to cater those individual who wanted to earn a degree whether it is their second one or after high school. You can go to Ecampus login for more details. It gives the privilege for those people who have busy schedules and those who did not do well in college.

University of Phoenix has goals for their students. They want to give the best education on all courses offered and make sure that the students get what they want. Here are the goals of the university:

  1. They want to give a degree recognize by almost all industry and give all professionals the certifications they need.
  2. They want all licensure to be updated and give a profound understanding of knowledge to all students which have fields of interest.
  3. To make sure students will complete all the courses from bachelor to master’s degree, such as the Education program.
  4. To give education that can be credited to other school in case the student wanted to transfer.

University of Phoenix online wanted to make sure that above are given to all students. It is their guarantee that enrolling to them is a right choice.  The associate classes offered by this institution will take nine weeks. The bachelor and master degrees take about five to six weeks. If you want to know more about the school, you can visit their website. You can also read some reviews for guidelines on what to expect in this school.